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  • How can my bourbon be over 125 or under 80 proof and still called bourbon?
    1. If bourbon is labeled as a bourbon and is higher than 125 proof or under 80 proof then it doesn't meet the requirements laid out by the TTB, Then it is in a SPECIALTY BOURBON Classification and can still use the name Bourbon. But its not a traditional Bourbon because something was added to the bourbon.
  • How long does bourbon have to be aged?
    Currently there is no age limit on aging Bourbon except you have to put the whiskey into a NEW WHITE OAK BARREL and then you can pour it right out and call it bourbon.
  • Do you make your own bourbon?
    Yes every drop of bourbon that is sold at Nailers is made at Nailers
  • What proof does bourbon have to be ?
    1. Bourbon can NOT be put in to a barrel NO more than 125 proof. 2. Bourbon can NOT be less than 80 proof going into a bottle. 3. Bourbon can NOT come off of the still at more then 160 proof then must be tempered down to 125 proof.
  • Do you serve food?
    Here at Nailers we have a small menu of food to enjoy while you are here.. We also do have carry-out orders if you decide you want to take home food.
  • Do you offer Free Wi-Fi
    Yes ask your server for the QR code to login
  • Do we need a reservation ?
    You do not need a reservation however for groups larger than 10 please make your reservation by calling the brewery @ 317-214-9244
  • What games do you have ?
    We have a selection of big Jenga, as well as a few games available on every table or in a dedicated section. Simply ask your friendly bartender for a game!
  • Are Dogs Allowed in your taproom ?
    We will allow service animals into our taproom, Your home pets are welcome outdoors in our 2 areas of outdoor seating. Dogs must be on a leash at all times. Water bowls are provided but you must ask for one. Bags for you to easily clean up after your pet is behind the bar please ask for one if needed.
  • Do you have brewery or distillery tours
    Yes. This needs to be planed ahead of time . If you would like a detailed tour you can send us an email to .
  • Do you offer water for table service ?
    We do not offer table water , However we do have a water container near the front door so you can enjoy as much water as you want or need.
  • Do you have beer or Spirits in retail stores?
    At this time we do not however we are working on that issue.
  • Do you sell other beer, wine, or spirits?
    We are only licensed as a manufacturer to sell malt beverages (Beer) and Spirits that we handcraft in our brewing area onsite . We can not sell any other alcoholic beverages being Guest taps, Wine or other manufactured Spirits that are not our own.
  • Is it legal for me to make spirits at home?
    NO IT IS NOT. Contrary to what you may have been told , It is illegal in any state in the US to make spirits at home !
  • Do you only serve Beer?
    No ! we serve beer and spirit cocktails . We have 11 beers on tap at all times , We also have Gin, Rum, Vodka, Azul (Tequila), Whiskey, and Bourbon. All of the selections are made here at the Brewery / Distillery.
  • What is a brewery tasting room
    A tasting room is a key component of many craft breweries and provides a unique and immersive experience for beer enthusiasts. Here are some primary features and elements that you will find in our tasting room: 1. Beer Sampling: The core activity in this tasting room is offering guests the opportunity to sample a variety of beers. This is often done through a "Flight" of Beer, which consists of smaller glasses (usually 5 ounces) of different beers. This allows you to taste a range of brews and discover your preferences. 2. On-Site Consumption: Guests can order pints of beer to enjoy on-site. This provides a comfortable environment for socializing, enjoying the beer. 3. Retail Sales: Our tasting room also allow guests to purchase beer to take home. This can include cans, growlers, or Howlers to be filled with the beer of your choice. NOTE: If you bring in a howler or growler we will fill them for you. 4. Owner Interaction: It's not uncommon for My wife and i to be present in the tasting room. Our presence allows for a personal touch, giving our guests the opportunity to engage with the people behind our brand.
  • Is Nailers family owned
    Thank you for asking . .Yes my wife and i are the only owners of Nailers Brewing.
  • Do we allow smoking?
    We do not to all tobacco products including e-cigarettes. By law you must smoke at least 8 feet from any doorway connected to the Brewery.
  • Are Children Allowed?
    In 2020 we acquired the ability to allow under 21 to set away from the bar area.
  • Do you sell kegs to customers ?
    At this time we do not have the license/ paperwork to allow that . But we can fill your Growlers and Howlers
  • Can we host a party at the brewery
    Yes we would love to host you, your friends, and your family! Please visit our Brewery or send us a private event request to
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